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Create Healthy, Long-Lasting Relationships
  • Breakthrough to Love Online Course: 5 week online course giving you the fundamentals of building healthy relationships. Create a healthy relationship right from the start by selecting healthy partners ready for love and changing your approach to dating! It's how you show up on dates and what you do in a relationship that creates long-lasting love!  15 hours of content includes video lessons, journal exercises, meditations, emotional calming exercises, and date exercises. Access the online course for 1 year. 
  • 5 Weekly ​Group Sessions: Practice the dating skills together and connect with a community of like-minded people that value love and commitment. Classes can include both men and women. Hearing others ask questions and share their experiences is enlightening and healing. 
  • Dating Assessment & Personalized Plan: Meet one-on-one with Emily and get a specific plan to find love. Emily will provide specific advice and dating exercises based on your dating patterns. (2 sessions. 60 minute assessment and 30 minute follow-up)
Invest in finding love and don't miss this amazing opportunity!  Class registration ends soon at 11:00 PM Eastern on Wednesday, September 21st!
"Not only will Emily's course help you find and develop the soulmate love you've been craving, it will help you improve your relationships with everybody else in your life"
"The reason you have not yet had success in your love life is not because you're a loser. It's because you never learned the skills necessary to form and grow close, loving relationships. Not only will Emily's course help you find and develop the soulmate love you've been craving, it will help you improve your relationships with everybody else in your life...your children, your family, your coworkers, and your friends."
"We shared the magical 3 words this past weekend"
"I think the classes really helped me put my head in the right place. I followed Emily's advice.   During the time I was taking your classes, I sent messages to potential online suitors using your method. I was getting more responses, so my pool grew. I then looked and logged about the 4 traits in each subsequent date until I met my boyfriend in early October. It's going very well. We're even talking of moving in together after his lease is up in September! We shared the magical 3 words this past weekend. We are also planning a small trip for 3 nights during spring break! 

Thank you for your help and counsel. I'm not sure where I'd be if I hadn't found you and your wonderful, insightful classes!
"I no longer attract narcissists and other toxic people"
"Emily's class opened my eyes to a lot of red flags I had ignored in men in the past, and taught me how to act in such a way that I no longer attract narcissists and other toxic people. The quality of my dates has improved quite a bit. I began dating one man at the end of the class but after two months was able to determine that he wasn't ready for soulmate love and gently broke things off. Before taking this class I would have probably stuck with it and just hoped things would improve. But now I have the confidence that soulmate love is possible for me, and I just need to continue dating and looking for men who consistently demonstrate the right qualities until I find my match.

One of the most powerful lessons I teach is how to form healthy relationships.  When you find the right person, having learned these specific skills can help you strengthen your love over a lifetime and avoid many of the common pitfalls couples face that lead to divorce or loss of interest in their partner over time.  

This is an amazing class that cannot only change the way you love, but can change your whole life... that's what my clients tell me all the time.  

This class is perfect for you if you want specific, clear advice on thoughts and behaviors that create love between you and your partner.  Let me decode and simplify forming healthy, loving relationships.  You have more power than you think you do!

Scroll down to read the course syllabus!
PRE-TRAINING: Soulmate Love
Define your own version of the soulmate love you want to find this year!  
  • Soulmate Love: Create your own definition of soulmate love with my powerful meditation; visualize and feel what it would be like to be in an amazing loving relationship with someone you trust and desire.
WEEK 1: The Four Lies Keeping You Single
The thoughts floating around in your head directly affect your behaviors on dates and the types of relationships you create. Let’s rewrite your story and get you amazing outcomes in forming healthy relationships!
  • Uncover the four lies that can destroy your ability to create a healthy relationship. Watch me debunk each lie and replace it with a powerful truth that helps you find love!
  • ​Discover the real purpose of dating and why every date, even bad dates, helps you find soulmate love.
  • ​The Dating to Get Married Methodology: Understand why so many people have found love using this program
  • ​Learn what my most successful clients do to find their soulmate in less than six months.
  • ​Dating exercise: Discover the power of turning on your body sensations and emotions during a date. Don't just observe a date, experience it!
WEEK 2: Toxic People Hijack Your Process of Falling Love. Let’s Get Unhooked!
In this section, you will learn the science of how love works, the chemical reactions within your brain, and the scientifically proven way people fall in love. Toxic people mimic some of the natural process of falling in love. Learn how to tell the difference between someone healthy and when to walk away. Discover how to attract good people and repel toxic jerks.
  • Healthy love: Discover the three stages of love and the chemical reactions that drive your feelings of desire, attraction, and connection.
  • Eight not to date: Find out the top eight personality types to avoid if your goal is to get married or a lifelong partnership.
  • ​Master new dating habits to repel toxic people. These same skills also attract high quality dates and foster a healthy relationship. By simply changing your habits, good partners will like you and toxic people will run away. Double win!
  • Get closure!  ​Finally, get your past toxic relationships out of your thoughts and dating patterns. 
WEEK 3: Family Influence
Discover how your family influences partner selection and your dating habits. Find out how your childhood shaped the formation of your brain and what you consider love to feel and look like. Understand from a scientific perspective how to take control of your brain and really get what you want in terms of a soulmate love.
  • Listen to the three different psychological theories on how your childhood influences the type of romantic relationship you create as an adult.
  • Brain development and love: Learn how your brain formed and why childhood memories are so powerful in shaping your reality about love.
  • Open your heart (brain) for love: Discover the neuroscience about “rewiring your brain” to be more open for love.
  • ​Feel love on a deeper level: Uncover the 10 ways to boost the neurotransmitter that increases your feelings of love and reduces sensations of pain.
  • Break the pattern: ​Understand why you are so deeply attracted to certain negative personality types and learn how to break that pattern.
  • Dating exercise: This skill helps you develop trust and intimacy on dates in a healthy, natural way. It also helps you understand who likes you and is worthy of your time and attention. You can also identify, very quickly, partners who aren’t that serious about you.
WEEK 4: Transitioning from Insecure to Secure Attachment
You are not stuck! This week's lesson is about changing your dating and relationship coping skills to transition to secure attachment and find love that lasts.
  • Discover the #1 action to fall in love for a lifetime.
  • Adopt positive coping skills to attract healthy partners ready for love and repel toxic people trying to use and manipulate you.
  • ​Learn how your attachment style influences your coping skills in dating. Choose different coping skills and change your attachment style!
  • ​Take the Dating Skills Survey below and create a plan to change your coping skills, transition to secure attachment, and co-create soulmate love with a healthy partner!
WEEK 5: Attachment Style Dating Advice
It's our last week! Let's end strong. This week we are going to talk about game theory and why, from a mathematical perspective, attempting to find love is the winning strategy over being self-serving. Hear my final thoughts and advice based on your specific attachment style.
  • Love and life outcomes: Are you better off attempting to form a loving relationship with someone or are you being naive, vulnerable and weak? Game theory proves through mathematics that love produces better outcomes than a "dog eat dog" outlook on life.
  • Dating EMAR: Learn why you should only date people who demonstrate EMAR/secure attachment to master the relationship skills faster and more effectively!
  • ​Final thoughts on dating: Get my specific advice for anxious and avoidant attachments for creating a meaningful relationship that lasts.
Group Sessions 
Have you noticed a trend in my coaching style?  I always want you to practice the skills with other people.  These curated experiences of interacting with other like-minded people to learn skills, not only helps reinforce the lesson, it gives you confidence to try the skill with a dating partner.  When you already have your first attempt out of the way in the group, you increase the probability you will succeed on a date.  

Being part of a group also helps you connect and feel safe when practicing.  When you feel supported by healthy people, you are less vulnerable when selecting dating partners.  Community support increases the likelihood you will be open for love when dating, select a good person, and create a healthy relationship!   

How does it work?  Each week you will complete a lesson in the online course and then attend a group call that reinforces that lesson and helps you practice the skill.  

I have perfected this process over years of being a dating coach with hundreds of clients to get you a specific result and outcome.  This is a phenomenal opportunity to learn from others taking the course and witnessing life-changing growth in just a few short weeks!  
Dating Assessment and Personalized Plan
After you complete the course and have all the essential terminology and knowledge, let's dive deep on how to apply this to your specific dating situation.  I will build a personalized plan looking at your dating history and skill set and recommend specific actions and steps for you to develop healthy relationships that last.  

How does it work?  Meet with me for a coaching session where I listen to your concerns and develop the plan.  I will provide specific dating exercises for you to practice over the next month to get better outcomes on dates and in relationships.  After a month we will meet back and discuss your results and answer any additional questions you might have.  The first session is 1 hour and the follow up is 30 minutes.

Many people have had amazing breakthrough "ah-ha" moments in my personalized coaching sessions and formed healthy relationships from following this process.  Here are some testimonials below:
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