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"Emily's program is a must for those who find themselves on a hamster wheel of not finding the right person to date. It has helped identify best practices with communication, red flags in potential dates, and identify areas I need to improve. It is wonderful to hear feedback and learn from other people's experiences with the program."

- Benjamin,  United States
"I love Emily's Dating To Get Married Program
so much because it has put me on a path to real
freedom from a life of self-sabotage through self-
demeaning thought patterns and behaviors. I got
divorced 35 years ago and have always been afraid of
commitment to a gentleman, fearing he would turn on me  to traumatize me more than I have been from an emotionally sick family.  I am female and now 70 years old. If I can look towards change, you can too, no matter what age you are or what holds you back."

- Cindy,  United States
"If you are interested in finding a long-term serious relationship including getting married I would highly recommend the program. It is insightful and gives you the skills to find the love of your life and how to keep the relationship going."

- Jason,  United States
"Before Emily’s program I barely went on first dates, let alone second dates. Now, every date has been a positive experience leading to more dates. Right now I am juggling 5 guys! I can’t believe it. This stuff really works!"

- Dana, Germany
What's Included?
  • The Full Suite of Courses: Breakthrough to Love, The Sacred Self, and Love that Lasts a Lifetime.  Take all three classes back to back with the same group of people that value love and relationships.  9 month access to online courses.  Instant access after purchase.
  • ​Group Coaching: 15 group sessions (5 per class) where we practice the skills together.  Hearing others ask questions and share their experiences is enlightening and healing.  You can witness massive growth from your classmates that can inspire you to master the skills for yourself.  
  • ​Bonus - Three Private Coaching Sessions: Meet with Emily one-on-one and get your specific dating questions answered.  We will develop a plan to find love based on your specific needs and skill set. 3 sessions. Each session is 1 hour.
  • Bonus - The Dating Lab:  Practice dating skills with other people taking the class.  Join Mock Dating (1st Wednesday), Workshop (2nd Sunday), and Live Q&A (3rd Monday).  Get 6 month access pass. 
6 payments of  $175
(billed monthly)
Group Class Starts November 13th:

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If this program doesn't show you exactly how to start an amazing relationship with a great person, then you will receive a full refund in the first 30 days, no questions asked!  Just email me at

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"I get it now. These skills don’t just help me find someone, they keep working to continuously grow love and intimacy. The knowledge that is being shared on this program is unparalleled, it's so valuable and unique. I love working with this program, it goes very deep.    Thank you for combining science with love and sharing this true treasure with the world. And, thank you Emily, for helping me find the love of my life!"

- Christina, Germany
"Emily is an incredible coach and a wonderful human being! 🙏 The work she's doing for women is life-changing. She has spent so much time studying and developing her program to create REAL results. Once you take her course, you are never the same again. You'll see positive changes and a perspective on love, chemistry and healthy relationships that is nothing less than a miracle. I recommend her courses for anyone who is trying to understand love and navigating the oftentimes confusing/frustrating dating scene."

- Ava, United States
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