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The Dating Lab: Practice dating and get valuable feedback in a supportive community!
  • Date and Socialize: Meet and date like-minded people that have taken dating and relationship classes from Dating to Get Married.  This is a high quality group of people that value love, commitment, and relationship skills. 
  • Practice Dating: Learn how to answer tough questions on dates and ask great questions that create connection.  Practice your answers with others in the group and get insight into your first impression. Monthly meeting.
  • Monthly Workshops: Want to write an online dating profile with a dating coach?  Want Emily's best tips on how to flirt?  Each month enjoy a LIVE workshop that both teaches you a dating skill and provides an opportunity to practice or get feedback in small groups. Get access to replays and slides of past workshops.
  • ​Monthly LIVE Q&A: Have a question about dating or a relationship?  Once a month Emily will answer your burning questions about love in a group format.  Get inspired and connect with other singles as they ask complex questions about dating.
Date and Socialize
Wouldn't it be nice if you could date people that had the desire to be in a relationship?  I'm talking about people that invested in themselves and want to learn the skills to create a soulmate type love with their partner.

When you join the dating lab, you not only get many opportunities to practice dating and master key relationship skills, you also get to socialize and meet a community of people that have these same skills that makes forming healthy relationships easy and fun!  

How does it work?  When you attend an event with your membership and meet someone you like, just follow up with them on the messaging platform.  You can send them messages, call, or video chat, all without releasing your personal information or phone number.  You can also use the platform to meet new friends, ask dating questions to the community, and post content.  The messaging platform also allows you to block individuals.

People that take my courses range in age from late 20s to early 70s and live in major cities across the United States.   There are more women than men and the ratio can vary with classes.  LBGTQ is welcomed.  Some people want to get married and some are looking for a lifelong partnership.

Although I do not guarantee you will meet someone that lives in your specific city or is within your desired age range, I know you will meet nice people that can inspire you and demonstrate that good people are out there.  All the skills you learn in this lab can help you find someone local to date and interacting with people that want love and commitment helps support that process of creating a loving, long-lasting relationship whether you met them here or by another method.
Practice Dating
Has this ever happened to you where you thought the date was going amazing and then the person didn't call you back for a second date?

Want to know why?

Try my Mock Dating and get thoughtful and supportive feedback on your first impressions on a date.  By practicing dating with people in this group, you get real insight into your word choice, body language, and overall first impression.  Sometimes it's just the way you say something that can turn off or give the wrong idea to your date.  Knowing this information is valuable, especially in early dating.

With the Dating Conversations Workshop, we dive deeper into common questions asked in early dating.  Ever heard this one..."Why are you still single?"  Let an experienced dating coach help you craft the perfect answer.

In this workshop, you will learn how to answer commonly asked questions that can derail a date.  I will also teach you how to ask and answer questions that can create a spark and deeper connection on dates.
  • Dating Questions: Get a list of great dating questions to ask that create connection and great conversations.
  • ​Dating Confidence: Formulate your answers to tough dating questions with an experienced dating coach
  • ​Dating Insight: Get feedback on your first impression and the answers you created during the workshop in breakout sessions with other people taking the course. People love this aspect of the workshop, as they get fantastic insight they might not have recognized on their own.
Monthly Workshops
Having trouble crafting the perfect online dating profile?  Want Emily's best tips for how to flirt?  Want to rock that first date?

When you purchase the dating lab today, each month you will practice skills that help you form healthy, long-lasting relationships.  

Can't make the workshop?  No worries.  You will also get access to past workshops replays and slides!  This is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to help you get better at dating and forming healthy relationships.  
Monthly LIVE Q&A session 
Have a dating question for Emily?  Want to get great advice on your specific situation? Join this group session once a month and hear Emily answer questions about dating and relationships.   Get inspired and connect with other singles as they ask complex questions about dating and the information presented in the challenge.

Clients often say how impactful it is to not only get your questions answered but hear the voices of others struggling with the same issues. Go on and flex that empathy muscle for the opposite sex and deeply connect with someone else.
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