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the toxic trap
America's Most Trusted Dating Coach for Loving, Long-Lasting Relationships, Emily Avagliano will be sharing the behaviors that turn off toxic people and attract partners ready for love!

Stop Dating Toxic People

February 20, 2022 @ 
8:00 PM Eastern
7:00 PM Central
6:00 PM Mountain
5:00 PM Pacific
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*Seats are limited to 500 spots.


Find out which dating behaviors destroy a relationship and what motivates toxic people to do these behaviors.  I will also answer, from a scientific perspective, if toxic people can ever change. 


Find out why you keep attracting these types of people into your life and the specific actions you can take to repel toxic people for good!


Discover the six early warning signs that your date is toxic and not ready for a long-lasting, loving relationship.


Uncover the three traits that help you identify people ready for soulmate love and specific actions you can take to develop a healthy loving relationship with an awesome person!
Hi, I'm Emily, the host of the webinar.
I have a passion for helping people find love.  

I'm a dating and relationship coach, author, and international speaker who teaches single people the skills necessary to find their soulmate and create a love that last a lifetime. 

As a mechanical engineer-turned-dating coach, I discovered the formula for developing a long, lasting, loving relationship after healing from several incidents of intimate partner violence. Not only did I find the love of my life, but I also created the Dating to Get Married Program that has helped hundreds find their soulmate, most notably within the challenging constraints of a global pandemic. 

I am also the best-selling author of Dating After Trauma and my work has been featured in NBC, FOX, CBS, Psychology Today,,  HerCampus National, and Adolescent.

Want to know how I found love?  It all starts with an embarrassing story... I got dumped in an airport in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico!
 I Teach In My Webinars!
This is not just another sales pitch.  You will learn valuable information that can help you meet someone ready for commitment.  Most people are amazed by the amount of valuable content I deliver.  Check out this review from Facebook on my last free seminar:

Debra, United States

"The information I gained at the seminar was both useful and valuable. The 3 features that make for a healthy relationship can be implemented right away. I will be meeting the right mate soon!!!"
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This webinar is eye-opening if you keep dating the wrong type of person.  You will learn a ton.  Come join me and let's chat about the practical steps based on scientific research that help people fall in love and create amazing relationships.

Maybe this is the one small tweak you need to find the love of your life... 
"...My big take away from the course was the ways to spot a toxic person"
"My big take away from the course was the ways to spot a toxic person based on empathy, appropriateness, and maturity. When I measured my past relationships, I noticed that they lacked one or more of these qualities which led in my opinion to their demise. I have figured that I would have avoided some heartache and pain if I would have known to look for those signs earlier. "
Anonymous - United States

"...I could actually get the type of man that I've been hoping to find for years"
"After taking the program, I realized how critical I can be of myself and upon learning that let some of that go. Maybe that's why I met someone during the program. But equally important was that I became more confident that I could actually get the type of man that I've been hoping to find for years, that I wasn't being too picky and that those kind of men would actually be out there."
Anonymous - United States
"...Gives you the skills to find the love of your life"
"If you are interested in finding a long-term serious relationship including getting married I would highly recommend the program. It is insightful and gives you the skills to find the love of your life and how to keep the relationship going.
Jason, Age 47 - United States
"This program covers all aspects of dating and helps you to work on yourself to identify areas in your life that are preventing you from finding your person.
Nicole, Age 58 - United States
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